Love Note: The Genuine

Authored by: Yaya Norazman
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo


"I genuinely love you"
"So do I"

Have you ever believed in love? Of course you have. That magic word comes in many forms, even disguised ones. It comes easy, and its also hard to pass by. At times, it appears as genuine – but for some other reason it might come with an unbeknownst purpose. People may say you have to take a leap when it comes to love. What do they mean by that statement? Taking risk of everything you’ve ever had for a chance of a lifetime, maybe? Heartaches are probably temporary… again the word “probably” is there. So what is so unique about love...,– most people just can’t seem to resist them? Bingo!
Maybe you think this is a cliché post about let-me-tell-you-what-I-personally-know-about-love.
Maybe yes it is, or maybe no it isn’t. You will have the answer for that question soon.
Thus, I’ll start off with a story of genuine love. Generally, love is a beautiful feeling that makes you feel almost complete.  It is a sacred feeling where someone will always be there for you in your ups and downs. Falling in love with someone who has everlasting genuine love will make you live to the fullest in positive way. The one who will always be your shoulder to cry on and ready to be someone to talk to. True love will push you up when you get stuck in your way and will never let you down alone. However, what makes this love story different from others?
Because of this love, it had started since the very beginning, from the very first heartbeat of yours, where the hearts were located to the nearest.
The one that lasts longer and more magical than in Twilight, Romeo and Juliet, Maleficent or  even, My Love From The Star, yea. The one which is far more beautiful and realistic than the fairy tales of Cinderella, Enchanted or Snow White because it is a living tale. The one that stands by you forever. The one that never ever disappoints you. The one that gives you hope, takes you high and won’t ever pull you down.

She laid very still. The dull, white walls were staring at her and the piercing pain she was feeling and at the same time concealing. Only God knows how much she could take – though all her life her parents had reminded her that she is a fighter. At the exact time that was already written in the stars, the pain came in overflowing through her veins. As if the first motherly instinct struck her conscious mind, she began to part her legs – screaming for a moment too loud. She was about to deliver a soul. A soul that was meant by God to be His caliph. Her husband whispered the beautiful verses of Quran into her ears while holding her now-sweating hands.
She can take it- she thought to herself. “I love this soul I am about to send to the world. I love this soul who is going to be the brightest hope in my darkest days. I love this soul who may have thought he had disappointed me at some point of his life – but all he did was concentrating on a tiny bit of failure I couldn’t even blink an eye on. I love this soul who makes me feel the greatest pain known to man – but will make me feel like the luckiest woman alive throughout my life.”
Hours passed by like breeze, and so did the pains. How she fought for the life she had never known.  How she swallowed the electric senses that almost made her went crazy for it for a second. Just a second, she thought that she couldn’t get through this, a life – or two might return back to Paradise. At a sub-concious state, she almost felt like suddenly she is no longer a part of the Dunyaa. She knows God promised reward of a martyr for mothers who did not survive the pain of childbirth– and oh, how she longed for His Paradise. But what was carved on her heart is that she purely loved this soul God about to give to both her husband and herself.
*sound of a newborn crying*

Undoubtedly, that is,
Genuine love, the very one.
Domou arigatou, for this love, this very priceless gift.

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