Uniqueness is Them

Authored by: Alin Sabry
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo   



The only gift which has the same quantity but different quality

Time is given equal to everyone,but some can achieve more than others. That’s their unique capabilities. The time is still given in the same amount, but the way they optimize it to the fullest potential, makes they become unique. The uniqueness is them.

A great philosopher wisely gave an analogy:

“To know the value of one year, ask the student who failed. To know the value of one month, ask the mother of a premature baby. To know the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly. To know the value of one day, ask the daily wage worker.To know the value of one minute, ask the passenger who missed the train To know the value of one second, ask the person who escaped an accident.
And if you want to know the value of one-hundredth of a second, ask the athlete who won a silver medal in the Olympics.”

And indeed, very few who realized the value of time.


Guess what?  "Time is GOLD".... I bet you have listened to this phrase many times to the point that your neurons might no longer be able to pass the messages to your brain 😂

Now, why is it gold? 💰(somebody please find me the real gold emoji😂)

Nah.. because gold is very precious, and comes with high demands, what else? The same goes to time.. Note that time is one of the most unique creatures like us.. the unique part of it is that time cannot be repeated again.. even one second! One could lose just about anything and find a way to replace it but once you’ve lost your time you can’t get it back!! 

I bet u would certainly say this,, “Ahh, I know that...So what?”

Hmm.. but do you really put your  faith into it? I’m glad if you really do!

Seriously, I do! 

If one really believes that time is precious, then he/she would definitely use his/her time very wisely.. I couldn't  agree more to Imam Hassan al-Banna's wise saying ...

"We have lots of responsibilities more than the time left for us".


Sometimes I myself just feel like I've done nothing to contribute to the society 😪 hmm 

But wait, are we gonna just let the words come out without any action being taken?

No way man! We need to do something to contribute to the ummah! 
Well, one thing to make sure that we’re working on it, first and foremost, is to have the desire…

Because the desire creates the power
  (p/s: another quote- from Raymond Holliwell)

But if it depends solely on desire without any action taken.. There is no use 😅 . Come on, Take it slowly and steadily .. You just need to spark a little action in order to catch the momentum ..once you have the show in the road .. Believe me, you will enjoy it and always be eager to move on to the next step .. 

So bring it on !

So guys, let’s do our best and show ourselves to be worthy of His Mercy and His Jannah. ☺
Let me just end this with another quote (well what can I do, I love quotes 😁)

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim has a beautiful saying that says " For the intelligent one is the one who is conscious of his time , and if he loses it then he would lose all his interests, for all interests are derived from time, and whenever time is lost, it can never be regained!" [Al Jawab Al Kafi] 

May the time be yours! Kill the procrastination!

Don’t just read these, let’s act em! And define how unique we are ^_^

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