How Lucky You Are

Authored by: Aisya_nor
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo


At times you are about to lose it,
At times when you are almost beyond broken,
He will help,
It is up to you to reach out,
and grab that helping hand,
Its up to you to open your eyes,
And see the light right before your very eyes.

By: Mohd Nazriq Noor Ahmad

“Each verse of this poem reminds me about my past that builds who I am now.”


Lisa , 27 , a blind woman , who is fully depending on her beloved husband, Malik. Both of her parents passed away two years ago as her father could not afford a treatment for her mother.  Not long after her mother’s death , her father blew his last breath and left Lisa alone. Her life revolves around him, he's the gravity that holds them together.

On a glorious morning , he prepared a breakfast and she was ready to go to her office. Malik worked as a marketing manager at Neul Company which was far away from Lisa' office. It was difficult for him to go to work as Lisa would not be able to get to the bus station alone. She needed Malik to accompany her.  Every day, he would send Lisa to the bus station then only he would go to work. Every day was a tiring day for him and he always arrived at his office late.

Out of a sudden, he felt that he couldn’t carry those burden anymore. He tried to solve it in the best way.

One night, after their dinner,  he asked with a soft velvet voice. "Honey, can you manage to go to work alone?”

"What ?!! How could you???  You want me to lead my life alone? I know I’m blind, but don’t you love me anymore?!" She replied loudly.

"....I’m just asking, honey.” He replied.

“ I only have you in my life, who else do I have to depend on ?” She said.

“It’s okay, we'll go together as usual." He finally gave in.                                        

Days elapsed. It has been almost a month, Malik has managed to go back and forth even though it was really painful for him. But he decided to keep the story of this pain only to himself.

Unfortunately, again he felt that he could not bear it anymore and had to voice out. Then, he asked Lisa;

"Honey, could you just let me give you a drive? I think that the bus tickets cost lot of money everyday. Plus..." He told his wife softly.

“So, do you think that I’m such a burden to you??” Lisa asked him.

“No…., it is never like that, honey.”

“So, what?”

“It takes my time for me to send you there and to pick you up from there, honey.”

“I guess..I am really such a burden to you now, huh? It’s because I am blind right?” She asked.

“No, honey. You….”

"It's okay, I know it takes a lot of time especially to  send me to the bus stations and fetch me from my office every day. But, I'm comfortable with the way I am now, honey." Lisa replied, reluctantly. She quickly went to her room, leaving her husband alone.

"Okay..” Humdrum..

The next day, they made their way to the bus station. As soon as they reached there , the bus has arrived.

As Lisa entered the bus ,the bus driver uttered a few unexpected words: “How lucky you are, young lady."

"Why?", she asked as she sits on the special seat.

"Every day I can see a gentleman who will hold your hands to across the road, accompany you to get the bus, wait on the other side of the road, looking at you, and make sure you have a seat and safe. Only then he will go to work. How lucky ,you should be very grateful to have a very good caring husband like that, young lady."

“Is it true? ” Lisa asked.

"It’s true."

Tears trickled down her cheeks.

Sometimes life teaches us that the person we least expect will become the one who will patch us from inside. So, appreciate the small things happening arround you because eventually we will realize that they are big things 😊😁

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.”

(Tony Robbins)

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