Colours of Life

By: Anwar Mc Noo


   Life is about using the whole box of crayons.    

   Yes, it might seem fishy, but our lives have close relationships with colours. In fact, we can learn and take lessons from the colours. What are they, you ask? Please have a full reading on this article to have the answer.

   Red, yellow green, pastels and crayons. Yes, they are beautiful colours. But no one says that the colours are only limited to paints, walls, and decorations. Because why? Because our lives are meant to be colourful, not only limited to black and white colours.

   Life is so beautiful with colours, without colours, our lives will feel incomplete, empty and might be dull. But do we really want our lives to become like that? We know the answer better.

   In life, we have met with many colours of life, sometimes bright, and sometimes dull. It's up to us as the artists to create the best drawing of our lives and add colours so that the drawing is worth doing it.

   There are times of our ups and downs, our victories, blessed moments and tough ones. We face those moments in our lives. Its up to us how to react to those kind of situations and pick the best colour out of it! Those kind of colours and experiences will make our lives become colourful and meaningful.

   Some  will ask and ponder, how to become stay motivated  and become positive when we are facing tough moments and hard situations. Some tips that I would like to recommend are here.  When we manage to extract out all the colours and mix them creatively, It is not possible that we can create a rainbow of colours in our lives.  Remember, rainbow comes after rain, right?
When we reduce life to black and white, we will never see rainbows.

   Eventually, we will realize that actually it is not about whether we are better than others or not, but it is about  today should be better than yesterday! Therefore, be sure to create the best rainbow of life in our daily lives everyday.   

   The canvas of life is waiting for some bright colours. Therefore, let us add shades of love, appreciations, peace, dreams and happiness and make it perfect!

   Also, we  can learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull while others have bright, some have weird names. But they all have learned to live together in the same box.  
Hopefully, the earlier questions have been answered!

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