Seasons of Success

By: Anwar Mc Noo

In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious,  The Most Merciful

I still remember  that day, I put on my shoes, and tied the laces. It was a bright morning, the breeze was smooth and the sun shone its light to brighten up the day.  I have waited all the time for that day. That day was going to determine my next chapters of life, where and when it will start. "Today is the big day" I monologued to myself. I had my breakfast with my family. I was so excited because that day  my UPSR result would be announced from my school on that day. I jumped into the car and said to my parents "I hope everything will run smoothly, today is almost perfect!", smiling. "InshaAllah dear, everything will be just fine" said my mother while smiling.
   It was already 9 o'clock in the morning and all the senior students including myself had to collect the UPSR results which will determine our future in the second level of education. I have planned my study that I am going to go to the best schools in Malaysia, which require straight As from that result. The sun was still shining brightly and all of students have gathered in front of our respective classes. "Where are you going to study after this?" asked my friend, Nuha. "Hmmm, I still have not decided it yet, what about you?" I replied. "Well, I am thinking to further my studies in MRSM or perhaps in any science school" she replied , smiling. "Well, all the best for you, I know you can!" I replied.
   Few minutes passed, and my turn was just around the corner.  "Ahmad Farhan Bin Abdul Jalil" , my homeroom teacher,  announced my classmate who sat just in front of me. "Alhamdulillah, yay!" Farhan shouted in the room, which I could guess how many A's he had. "Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd. Nor" , my name was announced. "Gulp", I could not help myself, all of my body was shaking. I walked into the room, with a slower pace. I stared to the table which placed my UPSR result, my heart was beating faster, as if my adrenaline was produced more than it should be. Teacher Lina, was looking at me with a smile on her face which I could not confirm what it meant. I replied back her smile with mine. "Please sit down, Anwar" she said calmly. I sat, but that was not going to stop from my horse-speed beating heart to maintain its speed.
   "Here is your result Anwar, keep,,," my eyes were already on the result , without waited for her to finish her sentence. "A, A, A, A....B?, wait, what? Is this real?".  "I could not believe my eyes! I have done all my best for the exam, and this is what I get?" I monologued to myself. I returned my sight into her face,  "Congratulations for this success  Anwar, not just any student could achieve this result, keep up the good work and never give up" she said to me. I faked my smiling. "You want to know something, Anwar? Most of the times, what is given to you is the best for you, because this is planned by the best planner of all planners and I know you have worked hard for this, I believe you will become a successful person in future years, more excellent than just these As in this sheet" she added, which I was still unsure if she realized I was faking my smile. "Thank you teacher, I really appreciate that". I left the hall, running towards my parents, without realizing a few tears coming out of my eyes.
   My parents were waiting in front of the hall. I rushed to them and brought my result along with me. I quickly hugged them, which I was unsure why I did that, some people would call it as natural response or instinctual action. But, I prefer to call it as my "celebration dance". To me, I have disappointed both of them, I could not fulfill their expectation to me as the eldest son....or so I thought. "Well, how is it going, abang?" my father asked. "Is everything okay, abang?" questioned my mother. I was speechless and let the tears be the answer, I thought. I passed them my UPSR result. " Wow, alhamdulillah, congratulations abang, this is something that we should celebrate after this!" said my father. "I am very proud of you, abang" said my mother while patting my shoulder. I was speechless and hugged them tighter.
   After that, we were asked to gather in front of the students service counter to settle the application matters for our secondary schools. I met Nuha again, and she said " Congratulations Anwar, I believe you have done your best, all the best for your next chapter of life!" she said, smiling. "Thanks, InshaAllah" I replied back. After we have done with all the matters, I met few of my friends since that meeting may be the last gathering of all of my whole batch before I decided to return home.

   Next few months, I started my first semester in a new school, in Shah Alam and of course with a new surrounding compared to my primary school. There, I met with Abang Hazman, my senior and also was my facilitator during the orientation week. He was among one of the student leaders and one of straight As students for PMR examinations. after we have completed the activity, he asked us to list down all the abilities and the weaknesses of ourselves into a paper. After few of my friends have said those points, it became my turn.  I ended my turn with "I think I have failed my parents and I'm not sure how to refresh back my life". Everyone became speechless, and quiet. Abang Hazman looked at me calmly.  Personally speaking, I thought that it would be just a normal module which has been commonly practiced in most of the camps. But on that day, Abang Hazman managed to change my perspective in looking my life. "Anwar, can we meet up a second?" He asked, after we have ended our activities. " Sure" I replied back.
   We chose a small marble round-table under a tree which was located next to the hall. It was a fine day, with a smooth breeze. The sun was shining its light , it was a bright and sunny day. "Did you know that I have failed both my parents too?" He started the conversation. "Hold on, what?" I monologued to myself. "Yup, when you stated your situation just now , I said to myself, yea I have been there". He added, smiling, to himself and was wiping his spectacle.  " Are you trying to make me feel better?" I asked him. " Hmm, well partially yes, but other than  that is  I am trying to share my stories with you, I graduated from my primary school with an average result, and was unsure of what to do in my next chapter of life" He added.
   I was waiting for the next part. "But to give up and let it all go does not assure you a success right?" He said, smiling. " So what was your plan back then?" I questioned. " I chose to do the best and put all the negatives aside, so that my path will be clearer and the best part of it is that I am still practising the plan now, and perhaps in future years" He said.
" So, what are you suggesting me to do now?"
" Get a plan and create your real castle, Anwar"
"A plan?"
"Yup, planners plan their success, if we fail to plan, it means that we plan to fail, right? And I believe you will be a good planner soon, Anwar", while putting on his spectacle.
That reminded me to what my teacher said to me. "InshaAllah, thanks and I very appreciate it, I understood it very well, and I hope I will create a better plan from now" I said, smiling. As I leaving the  scene, Abang Hazman added,
"Wait, congratulations Anwar"
"hmm,,. why  with  that sudden congrats?"
"Because you have started your first step"
"Oh, I see...thanks again!"
That time, I decided  not to fake my smile anymore and  started my very efforts to create my best castle!

"Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd Nor, Congratulations, you have achieved 9A's for PMR" I read the message in my phone since I could not come to school to collect the results. I could not believe my eyes, but the suprises did not stop there.

Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd. Nor, Congratulations, your application for boarding school is accepted, the details are as follows:

Enrolling in: Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah

Yea, it was like the dreams came true, He is indeed the Best Planner of all planners. But really, the surprises did not stop there yet.

..and the leadership award of this year goes to Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd. Nor" announced the MC of the ceremony during my senior year in KISAS. I am truly grateful for all of that. With those achievements He gave, it was like my castle had almost been completed.. or so I thought.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________"Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd. Nor, congratulations you have achieved 10 As in SPM" the message stated.
"Alhamdulillah" the tears were all over my eyes. Again, I hugged my parents like what I did during UPSR but that time the feeling was very different. That time, I was reading it with my parents and they were very proud of me, and KISAS also did manage to get top 5 rankings in national boarding schools for the achievement of SPM. Planners plan their success huh? It reminded me of my homeroom teacher and Abang Hazman. "Thanks"

"Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd Nor, congratulations , your application has been accepted and you are offered  JPA-MARA scholarship to further your first degree in United States. Therefore, you have to complete the preparation programme in Malaysia. The details are as follow:

Duration: 24 MONTHS

Country/ Institution: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

I read the e-mail and shared it with my parents. To think that all of these came from a plan, it's really a castle that everyone ever dreamt of.

There are quotes saying that, life is still a long journey , its too early for you to raise a white flag and leave the battlefield, because more surprises are waiting along the journey and most people forget that rome is not built in a day. Yeah, I agree with that.
"Congratulations Muhammad Anwar Bin Mohd. Nor, your application to further your study in International Islamic University of Malaysia  for Allied Health Sciences Program has been approved you are required to complete your details on these following forms..."

Blessings come after blessings, perhaps they are not part of my plan, but I am very grateful. Because as humans, we plan what we want, but in His plan, He gives what we should have to be the best, simply because of that, His plans are always the best!

Because these seasons of success, my homeroom teacher and Abang Hazman, if you are reading this post, I am proudly to say there are many things I have learnt from both of you. Special thanks to my parents for always supporting me and always be with me during my ups and always motivating me and push me up during my downs. The best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing, President Teddy Roosevelt said that, not me.

Thanks for those suggestions! And guess what? The best part of my plan is that, I am still practicing the plan now, and perhaps in future years! Because I have decided not to limit the construction process of my own "castle"! =)

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