The Team. The Moment. The Rediwel.

Authored by: Anwar Mc Noo


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"
-Helen Keller-

Yup, it was right after the final exam has ended.

*Samsung over the horizon notification rang*

Someone called me, boleh tak pause jap movie ni? Hehe, I said to my friend.

Sure, said my movie-mate, hehe.

“Assalamualaikum Anwar, tengah busy ke?”

“Waalaikumusalam, hehe, Rahman, tak jugak, ada apa Rahman?” ^_^

“Nak tanye ni jap, berminat tak jadi komiti Taaruf Week (TaWe)?”

“Komiti Tawe? Kena datang awal kan nanti? “

“Ha ah, program induksi kita start awal Jun nanti, boleh? Sebab asalnya dah cukup, cuma ada yang last minute cakap tak dapat join tarikh tu.”

“Owh okay, inshaAllah, kalau ana nak fikir dulu boleh? Haha.”

“Boleh, lagi 10 min ana call tau.”

“Hahahaa, 10 min jee?  Baiklah rahmann.”

Tepat 10 minit, another call came in and the conversation ended with “Okay mann, thank you, inshaAllah see you there, hehe.”

7th June. We started our induction and I was introduced to this amazingly awesome team. The Rediwel. It was our bureau which was combined from three basic job scope, Residential, Discipline and Welfare. At first, the awkward moment filled the atmosphere. Yeah, it was just at the beginning.  We had 1 week induction course and another week in organizing the Taaruf Week 2016. Yeah, I should give credit to high committees for their strategy in creating the bond between us. We always had our iftar and sahur together and in almost every session, we were given the time to do taaruf among us. It might seem like a small thing, but from those small things, it created a big memory, a sense of belonging, and a strong bond.

And special credit to them for introducing to us a new minor system in planning our programme. At least it's a new thing for me where the Programme Coordinator team will assign any committee member from another bureaus to support a bureau which needs extra assistances on the next day. It is inspiringly amazing! Like our Programme Manager said at first, We were in a form of a family,not just committees.

In this team, I’m glad to know these amazing persons as well, Syed, our head bureau, I am amazed with his santai tapi sampai leadership and of course his humour to calm us down whenever stress came up, Kak Maryam, our assistant head bureau, we have known each other before since we have worked together before as she was the President of Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) of Mahallah Zainab Zahra Zahsyi and advised me a lot, but in this team, we managed to know her better at her humour side and of course, the way she dealt with challenges, professionally. Najwa, or simply, wawa, she has that professional skills in organizing the programme, yup, you can tell from the first time you met her, she was also the member of Foundation Student Coordination Council (FSCC) in previous session, she has that calmness a lot in facing challenges. 

Hayati? eh Kak Hayati, one of the coolest members in this team, and yet most active member in the team, she is also my course senior, and always positive with others. Kak Aisyah, yup she was also the member of MRC of Mahallah Zainab Zahra Jahsyi, her caring and understanding attitudes towards our team are among the strongests! Sakinah, at first we did not talk much, but her cool and calm attitudes inspired us a lot in maintaining our emotion whenever issues came. Aisyah, my previous classmate, somehow it inspired me a lot when she told us that she was actually replacing someone, but just in a few days before! She volunteered to become one of the committees, something that not just anyone would do. She also showed that, it doesn't matter what your job scope is, being concern to others, is always, our priority as a committee, thanks! Hehe

Azreen, yup, we didn't talk much too at first, but as the time passed by, she shared a lot of her calmness and great ideas to us in the team! Kak Husna? We can say that, she was the ice breaking trigger for our team. Despite of her hectic involvements with other societies, she has decided to join for this Tawe programme. Her positive attitude, which is she loves to smile to others, inspired us a lot!

Hafeez? He was the member of MRC of Mahallah Umar al Khattab, and his humour skills are something that we cannot question anymore, he knew how to liven up our mood back and always included his jokes with advices for us, amazing right? Hakimi, or simply, Kimi, I still remember his saying in our sharing session during our final iftar together, “Menjadi sukarelawan itu bermakna, tugas kita adalah untuk menyedarkan yang lain bahawa perkara yang kecil itu juga bermakna, bukan semata-mata boleh dipandang enteng” and yup, his skill in communicating with others is amazing, be it international students or local, he could simply interact with both, without any second thought. 

Iqbal, or some prefer him to be called, Moko, is one of the assets in our team, it was his idea and Hafeez that we came up with “Roger2 Rediwel Roger2” whatsapp group ringtone. He was also the member of MRC of Mahallah Umar al Khattab, and we have met a lot in Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM) training session, yeah, his debate skills are very talented. He showed to us that, whenever or whoever you're, team is always the priority, and I still remember his saying, “Kemaafan sebenarnya yang menghubungkan kita semua” and that's one of the advices that I will always bear in mind, bro.

In these short moments, there were many committees which inspired me a lot. Some only slept for around 3 hours and the rest hours, actively working. Some would put their concern for others first. Some would always smile to others, and share the positive vibes to everyone! Some would voluntarily came and asked, “Ada tak apa2 yang aku boleh tolong?” while some always share their motivation until now. Yup, they showed the meaning of “volunteers” as mentioned by Kimi, effectively. Yup, they share one similarity, they choose to stay being humble.

Despite of many experiences we had gone through,the challenges also inspired us. Awesome! Because from the challenges, we found solutions. Like PM (read: Programme Manager) Rahman said during our closing ceremony, “Cabaran juga mewarnai hidup kita”)

Yup, it would be unfair for us to accept only the meeting part and to neglect the part where we would eventually have to say farewell to all of us.  We knew this time will come from the very moment we met. But as the saying goes, People might change, but memories stay.

Tawe 16 was one of the best thing happened to me as a CFS students, because it made me realized that this Taaruf week was not just to strengthen the bond among students, but for us, the committees as well!

I still remember when bro Faizi quoted, no matter what role we are playing in the team, we are equally important, even if it looks small and tiny. Because, even the smallest stone gives the largest pressure kan?

A quote from iqbal during our last iftar together, that I will never forget is that, “Kalau kita rasa rindu sesama kita, kita sebut nama kita semua dalam doa masing-masing”

Perhaps that's the best farewell? Yup because it does not stop there, it stays, in our prayers.

May this bond last till Jannah!

Terima kasih atas pengalaman, maaf atas kesilapan,

Muka senyum. Muka senyum.

Roger, roger. Rediwel. Roger, roger.

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