The Secret Recipes: Part 1

Authored by: Marc Sadique
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo


"Happiness depends upon ourselves"

Living in this world can be really hard sometimes and lots of people make wrong choices to survive in this temporary world. These wrong choices lead to broken hearted, despair and feel unsatisfied.  And guess what? One of the wrong choices is:
When you choose to search for happiness.

Perhaps searching for happiness is not wrong but it’s not right either. Happiness is not something to be found but it’s something to be created. Yes! This is the thing that many people haven’t realized it yet.
HAPPINESS is not something to be FOUND
HAPPINESS is something to be CREATED.

And the biggest question here is, HOW?

HOW to create HAPPINESS?

This question is really tough that even if Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking can never get it right because the definition of the HAPPINESS itself is very subjective. It depends on the person himself/herself. So, different people have different ways to create HAPPINESS.
Well, with that being said- I mean “written”, I will tell you all the main recipes to create happiness,
Huh?  You’re saying that just now, I said there’s no answer on how to create one, and yet here I am giving one?
Well chill!  I will give us an example just to make you understand:
To make a chocolate cake, we need the main recipes such as chocolate, without it, there’s no way for us to get a chocolate cake. But there are a lot of types of chocolate cake. So, what I’m trying to say- I mean to write here is that, the steps to make chocolate cake may be different, but we need the main ingredient which is: chocolate.

To create happiness, there’s a lot of ways depending on how you define happiness. But we need the main recipes just to make it right.
So here it is, the very main recipes to create HAPPINESS:

1) Full cup of HONESTY
2) A ton litres of KINDNESS
3) A lot spoons of FORGIVENESS

Let me translate em to our language:

These are the keys, the recipes to make our very own HAPPINESS. ALWAYS tell the truth, ALWAYS be kind to one and another and ALWAYS forgive people.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
- Buddha -

 If you want to know what these 3 recipes can do to your life, well stay tuned on the next month issue. I will unlock the secrets of these 3 recipes and how can it change your life. Until then, in Allah’s care!

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