Authored by: Munir Mc Noo
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo


"You might not realize, but real life is a game of strategy"
- Oliver Emberton -

“You there, to d5!” “Castle, to E4”. “Bishop, to c3”, “Knight, to H3, check!”, “Bishop  to  c5,  checkmate!”

Are you guys familiar with this dialogue? Yup! Obviously it's from the Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone movie. This was the scene where Harry, Hermione and Ron needed to defeat the magic chess in the gigantic wizard’s chessboard in order to pass to the next room.

Generally, chess is a sport game. However undoubtedly, it can also be related to our life.

8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights and a pair of a king and a queen. All these 6 different types of pieces are created with different shapes and roles. Rook can only move vertically and horizontally. Bishop can only be driven to move diagonally left or right. Knight can be moved in L-shaped jump. Queen has the most powerful move which combines  both moves from Rook and Bishop. Finally, the king and the pawns, can only move 1 step from their positions. Noted that pawn can only move a step forward.

These differences show that each piece has its own strength and weakness. The concept is similar to our life as human which are created in different colours, ability and tribes. However, these differences can also lead us to a better life in this world. As those differences in the pieces lead a chess player to a checkmate, a victorious ending.
Other than that, a chess player could also sacrifice his pieces in order to gain an advantage in the game. Sometimes, those sacrifices could lead the player into a huge success.

That's the situation which actually happens in our life, isn’t it? We might lose something valuable or something which is precious to us  in order to achieve a better achievement in the future. For example, in order to achieve a great CGPA, we have to reduce our leisure time to play and hangout with our friends.

Finally, chess is not about who has the highest amount of pieces, neither about the one who moves the first will win the game. It is all about having a good strategy. If we plan an excellent strategy, then the victory is ours. If we don't? Well, better luck next time. Improve the game.

In life, we also might have faced many problems and we might have to  overcome lot of challenging situations and experiencing many obstacles. Thus, what should we do to become the “Winning Player” in our life? Yes, The only way to “win” this life is by creating our own strategy in this life. Plan how we are going to arrange our life, our priorities, when we should give our ultimate focus in our study, when we need to start focus on our commitments in society and how to spend our time with our family effectively.

In conclusion, we can learn lot of things about this life when we play this wonderful game called, chess. Some say it is a waste of time. However, stop wasting our time with all those unproductive comments and start to build our own life with many colours by focussing on the potential positive outcomes.

"Successful players put their time into the right things"
- Oliver Emberton -

Life is not about a fixed path. It is all about our choices and we are going to determine our own path as Oliver Emberton  has illustrated in his article, Life Is a Game. This Is Your Strategy Guide;

"All players die after about 29,000 days, or 80 years. If your stats and skills are good, you might last a little longer. There is no cheat code to extend this."

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