The Secret Recipes: Part 2

Authored by: Marc Sadique
Edited by: Anwar Mc Noo


These are the keys, the recipes to make our very own HAPPINESS.

Always tell the truth, always be kind to one and another and always forgive people.

Before we go to the main topic, allow me to ask you one question. Why? Why do we need to feel happy? Is it bad to feel sad and heartbroken? Is it bad to feel not okay? Is it bad to feel pain and despair? Let’s explore the answer as we go through this journey together.

Okay first of all, let's talk about lies. Lying is telling the opposite of truth. I define lie as a chain. Let me picture you the truth. Whenever we start to lie to someone. And somehow when the words spread, we have to make up another lie to protect the first lie, then we need another lie to back up the second lie. And we need another lie to prevent the person who knows the truth from breaking the glass.

         So in the end, we have created an endless chain of lies that will eventually bind us so hard that it will strangle us until we suffocate. Trust me this chain will bind and prevent us from a freedom that will make us happy.  So that’s why we have to be honest, even though it might hurt. We will be free, free from the chain of lies. Nothing binds us. 

But hey! What about telling lies in order to take care of one’s heart? 

Remember when I say “lie is telling the opposite of truth”. So here’s the trick, to take care of one’s heart, you don’t have to tell lies, don’t tell the opposite of the truth, but you can always tell the next of truth.
 For example, if someone asks us, "Do you think I'm ugly?" So if the person really is ugly, we can't say, "Yes you are" because that will upset her, and we can't simply say "You're beautiful" because that will be a lie but we don't have to stop here, there is always something next of truth. We can say, "You look great in your own way."

See, there is always a way to prevent from lying. Fun fact: do you know that:                        

And with that being said – I mean ‘written’, I believe I have given you a solid reason why we need to always BE HONEST in our lives.  Remember to always and always be honest!  Allow me to share you all some quotes before proceeding to the next topic.

Okay moving on with DO KINDNESS.
(oh, by the way, being honest to everyone and especially to ourselves is one kind of kindness, so basically, doing recipe number 1 is a part of  the procedures for recipe number 2, well just like chocolate cake recipe)
Sorry, I can’t help myself but to give you all these yummy craving cakes. (I’m sorry!!!)


Before I start my point, I want to answer this question from a previous post's comment:

An issue I am bringing forth upon thee. As I observed closely, there were people with those 3 main ingredients you shared, yet depression and sorrowness still rule over them deeply, I discovered, they are searching for contentment. Now, what is this contentment they are seeking to fill in their hearts? Will it really make them happy?”

Now, remember when we discussed how people define happiness with their own perspectives? Now, the ingredients that I have shared are just the main ingredients, and we have to decide for ourselves what makes us happy, what ingredients that match our hearts. We need to discover ourselves, understand our hearts, and explore our souls. So, different people may search for a different contentment or known as satisfaction. And in my opinion, satisfaction alone cannot make us happy because first, we feel satisfied when we fulfill our desires;  the desire to win, desire to eat, desire to buy, desire to be successful, desire to achieve a certain specific goals or dreams. Second of all, as a human being, our dreams and goals are not fixed, it changes depending on our mood or our surrounding, and sometimes when we manage to fulfill a desire and feel satisfied, we tend to search or fulfill other desires, and it keeps going on and on like an endless loop. Well, after all, humans are born with countless desires. So does this satisfaction will make them happy? Yes!! But is it eternal? Nope. This is a temporary happiness which we feel every day unless we take it for granted. Hope this will answer your question.

That’s all from me for this month’s issue, wait whaaaaat? Hold on!  Ain’t I’m supposed to explain about the second ingredient? Well, yeah if you do want to know about the second and the third ingredient, stay tuned for next month’s issue, In sya-Allah. Until then, in Allah’s care.

P/s: If you have any question to ask regarding this article, feel free to drop it to the comments section and I will be more than happy to respond to it in my upcoming articles. Until next time!

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