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Inspired by Dakwah Biar Santai Tapi Sampai , Mukmin Profesional and Chicken Soup For The Soul bestselling series, Lé Inspiration is created with the objective to spread the positives among the community especially to the youths which are the future leaders. Another objective of creating this website is to create an online community where inspirational sharings are possible and easy-to-reach, or specifically it is called Sky of Inspirations. It acts as a platform where one-click effort is enough to go deeper about the word, "Inspirations". Therefore, young and talented writers are invited  to join this 'flight' and share the inspirations, motivational experiences, or sharings that they get from their readings, from different perspectives. Why? Because inspirations might become subjective for each people, but they share one similarity, they keep us moving forward. Who can become our authors? It is open to anyone who has the stories, willing to share and ready to inspire and get inspired! It is hoped that with this kind of tiny effort will be beneficial to others and help us to find our own success and bring the best out of ourselves. With the theme of stay humble stay positive inspired  from our Prophet Muhammad P. B. U. H, now everyone can inspire and get inspired!
To care, is to share.

Muka senyum. Muka senyum.


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